Pearl Islands

Surrounded by the rich azure waters of the gulf of panama, a cluster of secluded islands forms one of the country’s most valuable treasures: Las perlas.


The Pearl Islands form a paragon of the country’s spectacular wealth of wildlife, with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute carrying out its research into coastal, terrestrial and marine ecosystems throughout the islands.

Home to:

  • 12 endemic species of bird and copious and diverse species of fish
  • 37 turtle nesting beaches
  • One of the main humpback whale breeding areas in the Pacific
  • Frequent close range sightings of rays, whale sharks and several types of dolphin

Offshore, wildlife encounters are equally impressive, with an exceptionally colorful and diverse marine environment.  This is an unbeatable location for whale and dolphin watchers. it is one of the pacific’s main breeding areas for the humpback whale, and sperm and killer whales, spotted, striped and bottlenose dolphins along with the gentle whale shark are all frequent visitors to the archipelago. a brilliant spectrum of fish and shellfish, as well as a particular abundance of coral reef, makes Isla Saboga a diver’s dream.

There are 37 turtle nesting sites throughout the pearl islands, with two important nesting beaches on the west coast of Isla Saboga. Here you can enjoy the moving site of rare, newly hatched turtles scurrying back to the ocean.