Ferry las Perlas

Offering direct transportation from the Trump Tower in downtown Panama City. Ferry Las Perlas is the first choice of our many residents and visitors alike.

Ferry Las Perlas offers a Modern, comfortable, safe and high-tech catamaran Yacht, which has the capacity to carries hundreds of passengers daily to Isla Saboga and neighboring Isla Contadora.  Above all, the boat offers a more comfortable trip, without the uncomfortable unstable equilibrium of other vessels.

Ferry Las Perlas offers on board amenities such as, air conditioning, televisions, a full bar as well as male and female restrooms. On the outside of the boat (2nd floor) you can find a covered area, seating for 20 persons, In addition to the onboard services guests benefit from reserved seating when you purchase your ticket online or at the kiosk.

To ensure passenger safety a side access to ramp at the bow provides greater security to disembark on the islands placing you directly on the sandy beach.

For further information or to book your trip please visit